Beltway Standard Features

Beltway is the most durable retractable belt guidance system available on the market. Engineered to survive years of use, it provides long-lasting, worry-free operation.

For any queuing or barrier application, Beltway is a decorative, practical alternative to traditional post and rope systems.

  • 7'6" Belt with replaceable belt cassette
  • BeltlockTM - Automatic belt locking system
  • SafebeltTM- Belt braking system
  • 4 Way Connections
  • Rubberized, non-marking base
  • Small footprint with a 12" diameter base

Beltlock automatically locks belt to the post preventing accidental disconnects, yet releases with one hand in compliance with fire codes.

Safebelt will allow belt to drop to the floor upon accidental release and then retract slowly.

Standard 4-way connection system which connects to and upgrades other manufacturers posts. Makes it easy to replace scuffed aluminum posts with more durable and decorative finishes.

Rubber trimmed base protects the floor. Heavy base and small footprint provide stability in crowds while reducing wear and tear on public and post. 18" steel liner connects post to base and prevents loosening or tilting.

Retractable Belt Systems

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    Traditional Rope Systems
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